Our work

A gender equal society does not yet exist in Nepal. Gender inequality is at the root of other social, economic, and legal inequalities. Inequality restricts opportunities for people of all genders, which hinders their ability to enjoy their rights and live life to their full potential.

Through the 4 main areas of interventions identified by our theory of change; Gender Based Violence Prevention and Response, Awareness and Education, Income Generation and Institutional Collaboration, Apeiron fights against prejudice, violence, and inequalities so that women develop the skills necessary to support themselves and their families.

With our projects we enable women to overcome the constraining barriers in their life and realize their potential.

Thanks to our approach and the values we are guided by we have witnessed gender-based violence (GBV) survivors gain confidence from our training and use their newfound skills to negotiate improved roles in their households.

This visible progress inspires us to continue working for equal, meaningful participation of women in Nepali households, communities, and society.