Equal Steps

Thanks to Apeiron’s past experience with female micro-enterprise (small business) development projects and to the collaboration with various Districts-based WCOs (Women and Children Office), the Equal Steps project is being implemented in 2 Districts (Kathmandu and Bhaktapur), involving 9 women groups.

Besides empowering women in order to eliminate gender disparity, the most severe cases of violence, abuse and discrimination are referred to our safe home, CASANepal.

The beneficiaries of this project are 300 women that live in condition of social and/or economic hardship and/or are gender-based violence survivors and/or discriminated due their caste or women from marginalized ethnic groups.

The project duration is 36 months, organised in 9 main phases:

  1. Preparatory phase: During this phase, identification of the communities, baseline surveys for beneficiaries selection and designing of an innovative curriculum of NFE (Non Formal Education) were done in close coordination with WCO and other government agencies.
  2. Emergency and assistance phase: This phase will last throughout all project duration and will have the objective to identify particularly severe cases of violence and discrimination to report and referred to CASANepal.
  3. Educational phase: During this phase an innovative non-formal education curriculum will be developed.
  4. Income Generating Activities (IGA) start-up phase: the goal is to enable each beneficiary to create a personal economic independence plan based on the results of non-formal education courses through which the beneficiaries have been guided on a process aimed at achieving personal development. The beneficiaries will be requested to submit a detailed business plan and fund request, in order to access to the available revolving fund (phase 5). The beneficiaries will submit their plan to the groups and convince the members of their effectiveness and efficiency.
  5. Cooperative enhancement phase: the project beneficiaries are member of various groups registered with the WCO that have already acquired the legal status as cooperative. In order to assure proper sustainability to the expected results, the project also includes a capacity building activity for all the cooperatives and aims at strengthening  the structure of the cooperatives selected, training their staff to assure an efficient administrative management and assuring each institution is able to provide its associates the services they need.
  6. Gender Based Violence (GBV) training phase: WCO staff, “Gender Based Violence watch groups” and “anti-trafficking committees” will be trained to face the issues related with gender based violence.
  7. Final phase: the results achieved during the project will be analyzed and compared with those expected. Therefore, Apeiron will conduct a detailed end-line survey, whose results will be compared with the ones from the baseline survey (phase 1)

Through this project Apeiron aims to reach the following results:

  • Increased awareness level of the participants and their families of rights and potential of women themselves, by means of a tailor-made non-formal education curriculum.
  • Increased chances of gaining financial independence through income generation activities and technical trainings.
  • A safe space with legal, medical and psychosocial services to the female GBV survivors of the area with the survivor centered approach ensured.
  • Project

    Equal Steps

  • Duration

    from May 2016 to April 2019

  • Partner

    Apeiron Nepal

  • Donor

    Provincia Autonoma di Trento and private donations

  • Budget

    Approximately 80.000 € per year

  • Objective

    To protect women from any form of violence and discrimination, facilitating a sustainable change to their life conditions, by increasing their awareness of women’s rights and their economic independence