Our mission

Women’s empowerment is Apeiron’s ultimate goal.

In Nepal, through literacy, micro-enterprise, and vocational and life skills training, Apeiron fights against prejudice, violence, and inequalities so that women develop the skills necessary to support themselves and their families. We help women confront uphill battles: gender-based violence, restricted access to and control over resources, low literacy, struggles to obtain citizenship documents, and other social and economic challenges.

We enable each woman to realize her potential by overcoming the constraining barriers in her life.

Furthermore, since 2019, Apeiron has also begun to take its first steps in Italy with projects that contribute to the creation of an equitable and discrimination-free society, starting from female empowerment, education against stereotypes and raising awareness in relation to issues such as gender equality, self-fulfillment, work-life balance, feminism and much more.