Be a fundraiser

Organising a fundraising event for Apeiron is fun and rewarding. Whether it’s in your community, at work or taking on a personal challenge – there are lots of ways you can help.

Here you have some tips we want to share to make a real difference today. The possibilities are endless and can be as small or as big as your wish. Any effort is greatly appreciated by us!

Celebrate with us

Are you going to marry? Do you want to celebrate a baby’s arrival, a promotion or a birthday? You can choose to celebrate with us, supporting Apeiron’s projects and standing by women and girls of Nepal. You can share your choice with an online postcard, which will remind your friends about your donation. The emotion you will share with them will be greater!

Have a party

At home, in a cool club or outdoor, you can organise a charity party and help Nepali women, simply enjoying your time. Involve your friends, send invitations and raise money for a good cause: the empowerment of women!

Involve your team

Do you play football, golf, volleyball, cricket? Do you swim or run? Whatever sport you practice, you can tie it to Apeiron and organise a “charity match”: this could be a very important way to promote the values you believe in.

Organise an event

A dinner gala, a live music event, a walking or a run, a happy hour, a dance or theatrical show… there’re so many way to share your commitment with the women of Nepal! Whatever you prefer, we will be very glad to listen your proposal and to help you to realize your successful event.

If you need help and advice you can contact our Communication and Fundraising office, wich will be delighted to help with any fundraising queries you may have. Just drop an email to