Be a volunteer

There are lots of ways you can help us supporting Apeiron and Nepali women.

Direct volunteering:

Currently, we take one volunteer at a time from anywhere in the world to help us. We would love to take on more volunteers, but we’re just a small organization so it’s not possible to facilitate everyone.

How to apply?

If you work in a relevant field of practice and meet one of our organizational needs, email us at with:

  • your CV
  • a one-page cover letter detailing the length of time you wish to volunteer for as well as the specific skills, knowledge and experience you wish to offer to support our work.

What is the selection method?

Based on our projects needs, we will evaluate the required skills. After an initial assessment undertaken by the team, we will get in contact with you for an eventual Skype call interview.

How long should you volunteer for?

Generally, we ask for a minimum of two months, giving you ample time to get to know the organization as well as maximising access to your shared knowledge, skills and experience.

What will you do?

As a volunteer, you’ll offer additional support to strengthen the local team’s capacity. This means you don’t work directly in the field, but work closely with the Nepali staff in our office. According to your skills, we will be happy to welcome the benefit of your working experience. A tailor-made plan will be discussed to bring out the best.

Will you get paid?

Due to limited finances, we’re unable to offer you any reimbursement of expenses for your volunteer time. The request of room and board will be accomodate according to availability and needs.

What to do before you start?

Please read our travel information. Apeiron declines all responsibility for damage to persons or things, therefore we strongly suggest to subscribe a travel insurance.

Indirect volunteering:

There are loads of ways you can offer your invaluable support from the comfort of your own home. In fact, much of our work could not continue without the fundraising efforts or the generous assistance of our dedicated and creative supporters overseas.

Online volunteering:

If you have a reliable internet connection, we welcome people to help us also from abroad.

We are always happy to collaborate with:

  • Admin experts: who can support us at least 2 hours/per week with data entry and filing.
  • Translators (English/Italian): Every once in a while we need to translate our reports from Italian into English or from English into Italian.
  • Editors: we appreciate proofreading skills to check on our English reports and proposals.
  • Copywriters: to inspire our supporters by bringing our amazing stories to life on our digital platforms. If you have a flair for creative communication and you can write in Italian or English, we would love to hear from you to supply for publications in our blog.
  • Social Media Managers: who can contribute with editor calendar management and source findings.