A partnership with Apeiron will allow your company to sustain the project you decide to support.

Your commitment can turn into a campaign, because your company’s involvement represents a choice to play a real, living role in social movements that the world today is hungry for.

Apeiron will help you choose the project, provide you with all of the information, and keep you updated with regular reports.

Here are few examples of corporate partnership arrangements with Apeiron:

Any company may partner with Apeiron. An agreement, however, must begin with an internal evaluation to verify a company’s compliance with the values of Apeiron. Companies involved in activities inconsistent with Apeiron’s mission, or not aligned with international codes of conduct, will be ineligible.

For more information about partnering with Apeiron, please write to Petra Crociati at


A company may decide to allocate funds to a project of its own choice, or to one of Apeiron’s institutional activities. Apeiron is available to support a company in making an appropriate choice based on their preference and capacity. Together, we can find an effective way to let a company’s customers know about the partnership with Apeiron and learn about the organization’s projects.

Donations to Apeiron are tax-deductible for companies based in the United States or Hong Kong.

Cause-Related Marketing

Under this setup, a company and Apeiron establish an ongoing business partnership by associating, for instance, Apeiron’s logo, to a company’s product or service. Through this type of partnership, the consumer becomes directly involved as each purchase generates a donation. The company’s reputation benefits as the consumer learns about the cause that a purchase supports.

Corporate Volunteering

An effective way to strengthen relationships within a company is to engage employees and business partners in humanitarian and social projects. It is possible to foster solidarity in a company through initiatives such as joint donations and fundraising campaigns that bring a corporate community together to help other people in need.

Joint Promotion

Through this type of partnership, a company makes its own resources available for the purpose of fundraising or increasing awareness. The company may contribute with minimal effort by offering, for example, a venue or its networks, to distribute information.