Travel information

Discovering Nepal with Apeiron is easy and suitable for everyone.

Here are some tips and suggestions to prepare to your travel in the best possible way.

Useful information

Time zone: + 5h 45m GMT (Greenwich Mean time).

Currency: Nepali Rupee (NPR). Just check out online the current exchange rate. Our suggestion is not to change your money at the airport where exchange rates are always unfavorable.

Cash withdrawal: there are ATM for all credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro), spread everywhere in the city, with a 4 or 5 digits PIN CODE.

Climate: you can visit Nepal all year round, even if during the monsoon season (from June to August) it is more difficult to move in remote areas as there are landslides that often block the roads. To get an idea about temperatures and weather you will find here in Nepal, have a look at this website.

Visa: you can get your visa directly at the airport at your arrival. Our suggestion is to fill the online form before leaving your country so you can avoid queues that happen especially in high touristic seasons (from March to May – October and November). Price and rules of visa have changed in the last few years. Our suggestion is to read carefully the updated information that you can find in Nepal immigration Office website.

Passport photos: we suggest you to bring some extra photos, you will need them to obtain permissions and passes (trekking, national park entry, ecc).

Transports: both taxis and public transports are very cheap.

Cameras: it’s very easy to find both memory cards and camera rolls, as well as batteries, chargers and all camera accessories.

Plugs type: if you want to know which types of plugs and sockets you will find in Nepal you can check this website.


Vaccinations: have a look to this website for updated information.

Medicines: in nepali pharmacies you can find all the main medicines. For particular needs, you’d better to bring your medicines directly from home.

Health insurance: we suggest you to subscribe a medical insurance that covers costs of medical expenses for injuries and diseases. If you’re about to go trekking, be sure that your insurance covers you even in case of injuries at high altitude.

Tips & tricks

Flashlight: Always bring one with you. For several months there are blackouts that last up to 12 hours a day.

Socks: as in many countries of Asia, even in Nepal you will have to take off your shoes when visiting houses and temples. Our suggestion is to bring dark socks.

Slippers: Bring a pair of slippers to move inside lodges and to have shower.

Tailoring: Nepal is very famous for tailoring, here you can find amazing fabrics and excellent tailors. If you bring your favorite dress with you, you can make do a perfect copy by a nepali tailor.