Income-generating skills development

Data suggests that women’s participation in the public and private sphere is constrained by their lack of formal employment and livelihood opportunities, a hardship compounded by their limited access to economic resources such as start-up capital or loans. Without income-generating or livelihood skills, women are more financially dependent on their husbands, leaving them vulnerable to abuse or coercion. We are fighting these inequalities by working with women in 2 areas: Skills and preparation for employment and Micro-enterprise development and support.

Skills and preparation for employment

Skills development training is regularly provided in our safe houses throughout the year. Women receive business planning and business literacy training, which helps them understand professionalism and the requirements for future employment. We also help survivors find jobs according to the skills they learned.

In rural regions, we support women farmers in reducing their workload while increasing their crop yield by teaching them technical farming skills, such as bio-fertilizer production, pest management, bean seed production, harvesting, and processing.

Micro-enterprise development and support

In our safe houses for GBV survivors, we support the women we host in developing their own micro-enterprises. Women in rural areas also receive the same support.
In order to help women strengthen their capacity to operate the cooperatives established under the Nepali government’s Women and Children Offices, we also facilitate trainings for cooperative management, record management, and business and market promotion.